Как се живее с четири дъщери в една къща - вижте сами
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С аймън Хупър е едва на 24 години, когато приятелката му го изненадва с новината, че е бременна. 

Първоначално той признава, че е доста уплашен и не вярва, че ще се справи. 

Той е първият от цялата му компания, който ще става баща - дори не е имало с кого да поговори за това и да почерпи опит. 

В последствие, се появява дъщеря номер две. А когато съпругата му се оказва бременна за трети път, на ултразвук се вижда, че на път е дъщеря номер три и... четири!

Какво е да си баща на 4 дъщери

Двамата отново не могат да повярват, но в последствие едно се оказва сигурно - че историята на Саймън е история на щастието. 

Убедете се сами защо:


Is it just me or does doing an internet search for Halloween costumes just result in pictures of slightly slutty witches, cats, zombies & dead cheerleaders (that wouldn't look out of place in a bondage catelogue), a sweaty brow & a hastily deleted search history? At least the simple task of picking pumpkins hasn't been sexualised yet. But it does provide its own challenges, namely 1). steering @mother_of_daughters away from what we dubbed the 'Instagram section' - the aesthetically pleasing small white, grey & speckled pumpkins that cost more than a nice lunch out (which I failed at dismally, see stories ), 2). Applauding the girls 'excellent' selection of squashed, mouldy pumpkins they dragged across a field, knowing full well they won't make the final cut & will be quietly dumped before we pay, and 3). Spending £35 on hotdogs only for them to eat a bite before announcing they 'don't like the favour' leaving me to costume a families worth of pork based goodness washed down with cold chips & wobble back to the car. Ok, that was an upside & look at their faces, you can't put a price on making your family happy. #deletedsearchhistory #halloweenissosexy #instagrampumpkins #mygirls #hangingintheboot #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad #dadlife #fod

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I always wonder how toddlers view festivals as it's such a break from normal life. They see a lot of adults stand in a field usually reserved for farm animals & watch them slowly regress to being teenagers again, shouting "I love this tune!" Or "who's this band - I've never heard of them", while embarrasing their families by dancing as if their limbs were independently controlled by an invisible puppet master. They're treated to a muffled audio experience of the world through neon ear defenders while observing other children run around, seemingly free of supervision (although infact mum & dad are taking turns to have 'eyes on' & make sure they don't stray too far), fuelled by a day long course of glucose supplied by parents wanting an arguement free afternoon. Their nappies get changed under open skies & sleep covered in coats, only to wake and find they are still in same field, but the sun's gone to bed, everyone's covered in glitter & daddy is sporting a childs tutu. It must be a very confusing sensory overload, but they seem to love it & a break from norm is something we all need now & again #festivalfashion #throughtheeyesofatoddler #breakfromthenorm #whosthatonstage #onemoretune #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad #twins

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Going to any festival or outdoor excursion as a family in the UK is bound to involve rain at some point. It's nature's way of testing whether you're fair weather folk who cower in tents or hardcore mud lovers who laugh in the face of the elements. Therefore one essential piece of kit if your going to go all out is of course @hunterboots that compliment your fancy dress costumes because the last thing you would want is boring footwear that brings down your carefully orchestrated mermaid ensemble - so yesterday as the clouds gathered over head, we all donned our boots of varying sizes & colours to be prepare for mother natures worst & to look good while we do it. I think we pulled it off although in retrospect perhaps should have forced myself into a mermaid onesie too to complete the look #ad #lifeguardsaves5mermaids #hunteroriginal #festivalwear #mygirls #costumes #festivalessentials #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad #fod

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